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Shards of the Dreams


Shards of the Dreams - multiplayer real–time fantasy game. Discover new lands populated by different people, explore dungeons and fight outgrowths of nightmares. Gloomy fantasy-world – and its life after the accident. The world split into pieces, anarchy, hordes of monsters, the flowering of different political and religious groups ...

It seems the time has come to save the world once again. Become a hero, destroy monsters, gain respect of different people and factions, become the most powerful, cunning, intelligent, and famous. Go a long way to get one chance to save or destroy the world.

Choose one of the characters and start your journey.
Good luck!


Spring updates are here!

* Equipment for levels 70-80, new Trials Tower with a unique reward, Jewels+, and other updates - already available!

* A merchant has been added to Desert of Death, who sells equipment level 70, 75, and 80 - for rubies and valor points. She has the best equipment you can find! The cost of high-level items, in rubies, has been decreased by more than 15%, to make them more available to all players.

* A mysterious portal in Arobar village has become active! 7 trials await a Great Hero in the Trials Tower - a real adventure for a true hero!

* In the Trials Tower lobby, you can purchase jewels+. After purchasing one of the runes to receive the jewel, you will get a random Jewel+ of the appropriate level.

* Pandora's Chest has been added. By using this Chest you can receive a random item from the game, including a unique Modifier, which will make your character significantly stronger. You can purchase this chest from any elixir merchant.

Other changes:
* Added a pet summon scroll: cat. It is available at almost every elixir merchant;
* Added an elixir which briefly increases your movement speed - now available at the elixir merchant;
* Added health, mana, and stamina potions for level 60 - they can be purchased in the Desert of Death.

* Fixed a bug which allowed players to bring monsters into safe zone on Desert of Death.
  • Shards of the Dreams
  • Shards of the Dreams
  • Shards of the Dreams
  • Shards of the Dreams
  • Shards of the Dreams
  • Online game "Shards of the Dreams"

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Shards of the Dreams

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