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"Fikss" is a small and very fast game. Rules are elementary - collect as many points as you can in 60 seconds.
This is possible by playing the classic match-3 or more (in this case - the shells). But to make it more interesting you can get different bonuses, bombs, and other cool stuff for those 60 seconds. Prove you're the best.
The best ones every day appreciate the opportunity to fight for the best result in the top. And results of every day will be summed together by the weeks and months.
Thus competition will last for the entire month, and you can find out who is the best among your friends in a longer period. Even if your competitor turned out a good day, you can take it out on the next and snatch victory from his grasp on the results of the general count.
Collect trophies, science and the gold in your vault of treasures. Each game will bring you not only the satisfaction of your progress, but also the various benefits.
Each player is given its vault of treasures. It will store all your received trophies. The more points you have collected in a single game, the better trophy you get.
You can also visit your friend's vault to see which goods did they take. For each game you will earn the science, which you can shift to additional levels and open the access to global improvement. If you collect a lot of points you will get the gold.
Gold is very valuable - in exchange for it you have possibility to buy bonuses for the next game, as well as enhancements for your treasure vault. In short, play, pick up points and occupy the best places in the tops.

Fikss is now in Inbox!

The game has been launched successfully.
We hope you will like "Fikss" and it will be interesting to you.
Recently we have implemented to the game something new - the magic.
This special feature can be activated during the match to get extra points and outperform your competitors.
Besides magic we are working on many more innovations, which can't be revealed yet, but they may be available in the coming month.
  • Fikss
  • Fikss
  • Fikss
  • Fikss
  • Online game "Fikss"

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