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Oceania is a game where You can:

Create a unique character
Each player can create his/her own avatar, choosing clothes, hair and face. Moreover, during the game it is possible to achieve new interesting outfits and update the look of the hero.

Conquer the jungle of the island
In order to develop the island and free place for the economic activities, You will need to clear the island from the thickets, finding valuable resources. To get the valuable timber, You will have to cut trees and baobabs. And in order to expand the territory, You will need to help local residents - papuyans.

Create Your own household
In order to survive on the island, of course, You will have to work the land and provide animal breeding. You will need to decide where and when to grow corn, tomatoes and other vegetables and fruits. You can produce different food from the collected harvest. It will be necessary for animals and in order to make money.

Create Your tropical kingdom and take part in various adventures
The most important thing - to become the governor of the island, You need to earn a reputation. While constructing various building needed in the economy, don’t forget about beautiful views. You will be able to raise Your reputation and compete with friends’ islands. You can perform various tasks to gain experience and the right resources.

Oceania is friendly
In this game You can collaborate and help each other. You can help a friend, feed his hungry animals or help him to collect harvest in time, or help Your friend any other way. It’s impossible to steal in the game, so do not worry. On the contrary, for all the good work in helping your friend, he will get some useful products that You have helped him produce.

Okeania is now on Inbox!

The game was launched successfully. We hope that You will enjoy it and have fun while playing!
At this point, all the content that we created in ine and a half years, should be active, but we are still actively working with innovations to make Oceania more exciting.
For now, the game is available only in Latvian.
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