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Mondo Zoo Park

Game Overview

MondoZoo is a FREE zoo simulation browser game. Each player creates and manages a magnificent zoopark, while sheltering over 250 animals species from all over the world. All this is accompanied with 250 levels to pass and various options for competition among the players.
Unlike the other zoo simulation games in MondoZoo we've developed a well-balanced and extensive management system, which covers most aspects of the real zoo management activities.

The main objective in MondoZoo is creating a dream zoo from scratch, managing it and populating it with various animals. Along with the many buildings, there are also special enclosures, divided in three different zones, which shelter the zoo animals. To ensure the proper functioning of the player's zoo and the well being of the animals, multiple types of employees are also available.


We've designed a sophisticated level system, which guides the players through the game and leverages their performance. There are numerous optional missions, challenges and contests, that provide different bonuses upon completion. As a source of additional revenue the player can also build shops and other venues.
The many years we've spent improving the game, brought along numerous innovative features which are really appreciated by the players. Today we are proud to say that the gameplay is appropriate for all ages and it is appealing both to regular and hardcore gamers.

MondoZoo is structured in a way, which makes it easy to play for the new players and at the same time provides features that make the game interesting for the hardcore gamers, who always want the maximum. All this means only one thing – 100% pure fun for the whole family.

Quick Facts
•Over 250 animals.
•250 levels with increasing difficulty.
•Exceptional game experience.
•Well-balanced and extensive management system.
•Different types of employees.
•Various buildings and decorations.
•Advanced and sophisticated gameplay.
•Possibility for group gaming.
•Many missions, challenges and contests.

10 New Tournament Types!!!

New Feature

MondoZooPark Category: Tournaments

Date: 27 March 2012

Dear Community,

Fantastic news for all the players of the game: we have just added 10 new tournament types!!!

Before we had only 3 types.

With this huge addition, this part of the game now reaches an unlimited level of strategy & interest!!!

We will not...
  • Mondo Zoo Park
  • Mondo Zoo Park
  • Online game "Mondo Zoo Park"

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Mondo Zoo Park

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