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Mini game: My Sweet Dog

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1. 1st place tr*** 1 games
2. 2nd place aureli*** 1 games
3. 3rd place margarito4ka*** 1 games
4. bezenc*** 1 games
5. na*** 1 games
6. dar*** 1 games
7. taurene*** 1 games
8. hed*** 1 games
9. tigers_ti*** 1 games
10. ju*** 1 games


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1. 1st place margarito4ka*** 1h 18min.
2. 2nd place tigers_ti*** 1h 17min.
3. 3rd place bezenc*** 0h 15min.
4. ju*** 0h 7min.
5. tr*** 0h 5min.
6. na*** 0h 5min.
7. dar*** 0h 5min.
8. aureli*** 0h 1min.
9. taurene*** 0h 1min.
10. hed*** 0h 0min.