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Mini game: My Sweet Dog

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1. 1st place skujina_la*** 1 games
2. 2nd place neilan*** 1 games
3. 3rd place janisdalec*** 1 games
4. eveli*** 1 games
5. zemen*** 1 games
6. osiiti*** 1 games
7. kira*** 1 games
8. hg*** 1 games
9. san*** 1 games
10. liene_re*** 1 games


Total time played

1. 1st place borisov*** 1h 8min.
2. 2nd place janisdalec*** 0h 11min.
3. 3rd place osiiti*** 0h 7min.
4. eveli*** 0h 3min.
5. hg*** 0h 3min.
6. liene_re*** 0h 3min.
7. neilan*** 0h 1min.
8. zemen*** 0h 1min.
9. san*** 0h 1min.
10. skujina_la*** 0h 0min.